Contracts Attorney

In the matter of dealing with contracts, an attorney is to assist their client with any uncertainties the involved parties may encounter or experience in coming to a fair agreement. White Law Firm is here to assist and explain any contract to you no matter how simple or complex.

Estate Planning Attorney

Everyone should have a will. When someone passes away, either foreseeably or unexpectedly, they leave their loved ones behind. Having an updated will provides a level of certainty and reduces the stress for your loved ones. Art has extensive experience in drafting wills and trusts to assist clients with their estate planning needs. You may need a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, a Trust or Trusts in addition to your will. Whatever your needs are, White Law Firm can provide the services to make your estate planning easier.

Family Law Attorney

White Law Firm has considerable experience in the area of family law. Including adoption, divorce, alimony, child support, custody matters, and distribution of property.

Litigation: Civil, Criminal, Probate, Other

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, to litigate is to carry on a legal contest by judiciary process. White Law Firm has is an established law firm that has been representing the people of South Carolina in everyday legal matters for over 30 years.

Personal Injury Attorney

White Law Firm has a proven track record of getting our clients just compensation for incidences spanning from automobile accidents, defective manufacturing, products liabilities, and premises liability claims.

Our founder, Art, knows first hand how traumatic car accident can be. He knows how it affects you and your loved ones. Art and his wife, Cindy, were in a major automobile accident in 2004. With matters of personal injuries or death due to automobile injuries you can trust that White Law Firm will zealously represent you, and our office will work to get the problem resolved in a quick and just manner.

Probate Lawyer

Matters of probate, simply put, are all matters of someone, alive or dead. These matters span from distributions of a loved one’s assets after they pass away (i.e. someone dies with no previous estate planning), to a matter of someone’s everyday decisions when they are incapable of making decisions for their self (i.e. health emergency with no Power of Attorney for a legal adult). These are just two simple illustrations of possible probate matters. White Law Firm deals extensively in matters of this nature.

Real Estate Attorney

Our main focus in legal practice is real estate. White Law Firm is directly related with White Land Surveying. Our founder, Art, has more than 30 years experience dealing with real estate matters, from land disputes to commercial and residential real estate closings.